Guitars - Faster EP

by Guitars

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My Bad! 03:52
Sad Machine 05:13
As So So As 03:54
Kiss My Fist 02:54
Keep In Mind 03:04


Six months after their solstice show Guitars released their first EP, Faster, on They’ve been promoting this release with unique hand stamped pogs that once caused a Canadian border guard to stop tearing their car apart and exclaim, “Oh my god! Are those pogs?”, during their first west coast tour, which took place this fall. You can also count on psychedelic noise chants and bluesy country that’s provocative, sincere and catchy. Shanna Perez-Hill-McDowell and Kenric McDowell (formerly of Junior Varsity KM / Darla Records) skillfully manage a menagerie of instruments that includes electric and acoustic guitars, drums, tambourine, a two dollar one-stringed ukulele named Yuki and a rattle they “broke in” performing ceremonies in the Peruvian jungle. Fans of open-minded pop and mystical country will not be disappointed!


released May 20, 2008



about San Francisco, California

Some music previously released by Overlap from our circle of friends. Overlap Studio is a mixing and mastering studio in Oakland, California, run by Christopher Willits, Ryan Kleeman, and Alingo Loh. The studio features top-tier analog summing and outboard mastering gear with stereo or multichannel monitoring for immersive mixes. Learn more at ... more

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