GOLD is a 24 minute and 17 second sound bath / ambient piece to soak into. Listen, relax and recharge. This harmonic weaving of sound was created with the vibration of affinity, love.

Let us know how you use this sound, and how you feel with it. You can email stories to info@overlap.org
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released November 2, 2011

The piece was created entirely with processed guitar and voice, along with a nord lead synth for low frequency waves.

All sounds by Christopher Willits - 2011
Created in San Francisco
Mixed by Christopher Willits + Ryan Kleeman on an SSL
All photos and images by Christopher Willits




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Music from our circle of friends, mixed at Overlap Studio, a mixing and mastering facility in Oakland, CA. Operated by Christopher Willits, Ryan Kleeman, and Alingo Loh, the A/V studio features top-tier analog summing and outboard mastering gear for stereo, immersive audio, and video production. ... more

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