“TRITONOMICS” is a masterful wash of noisy beauty brought to us from the imagination of Overlap newcomer Nakamura Hiroyuki. Nakamura makes use of complex FM synthesis techniques and digital machine freakouts to create simultaneously harsh/digital and colorful/organic textures and melodies. Cover art by Noboku Hori


from Nakamura Hiroyuki - TRITONOMICS, released April 14, 2009
Nakamura Hiroyuki




Overlap.org San Francisco, California

Some music previously released by Overlap from our circle of friends. Overlap Studio is a mixing and mastering studio in Oakland, California, run by Christopher Willits, Ryan Kleeman, and Alingo Loh. The studio features top-tier analog summing and outboard mastering gear with stereo or multichannel monitoring for immersive mixes. Learn more at Overlap.org ... more

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